National Geographic February 1916


Pushing Back History’s Horizon: How the Pick and Shovel Are Revealing Civilizations That Were Ancient When Israel Was Young
The author describes discoveries in the Middle East where the remains of forgotten empires are being unearthed. The patient toil of the decipherer is shedding light upon history’s first writings and other remains.
The Cradle of Civilization: Historic Lands Where Briton Is Fighting Turk { The Cradle of Civilization: The Historic Lands Along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers Where Briton Is Fighting Turk}
Examining the lands once known as Mesopotamia and Babylonia, the author narrates the long sweep of history that gave the world Hammurapi, first great lawgiver; the ruthless Assyrians, and Sennacherib, ravager of Palestine.
How Old Is Man?
Theodore Roosevelt examines man’s prehistory, noting that most of what is known has been obtained during the last two generations.

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