National Geographic September 1914


Belgium: The Innocent Bystander
Neutral Belgium has been overcome by the tides of war. Her peace- loving yet gallant people have suffered greatly and earned the respect of friend and foe alike.
The France of Today
The author’s early feeling that France might be little more than an aggregation of fanatics is altered by a months- long opportunity to get to know its people and everyday life. In truth, he says, this country is home to an admirable and intelligent peo
The Remarkable Growth of Europe During 40 Years of Peace
Thanks to progress in transportation and preventive medicine, the population of Europe has grown 137 percent in the past century – – and the population of the world has more than doubled.
The Foreign- Born of the United States
In the United States today one person in every seven was born outside our borders – – 13. 5 million in all. The last decade’s influx of immigrants has been a population movement of volume and rapidity unequaled in history.
The German Nation
The story of the German people is one of alternating great power and national impotency. Today, Germany is a wonderful empire with strong industrial resources, technical achievements, and productive agriculture.

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