National Geographic December 1995


Devilish horns and a fearsome 20- foot wingspan belie the gentle nature of the giant ray.
Orion: Where Stars Are Born
The Hubble Space Telescope grants a fresh look at clouds of gas and dust forming around young stars – – perhaps the start of solar systems.
A Farming Revolution: Sustainable Agriculture
As sustainable agriculture takes root across the land, farmers large and small celebrate strong yields.
San Xavier Mission { New Face for a Desert Mission}
Preservation efforts restore the baroque glow of Arizona’s San Xavier Mission.
Teotihuacan { The Timeless Vision of Teotihuacan}
New finds among the ruins are putting a human face on the great metropolis of ancient Mexico.
Jane Goodall { Crusading for Chimps and Humans. .. Jane Goodall}
Her decades of study show that chimps in the wild are startlingly like us. Today the pioneer primatologist travels the globe to speak up for their captive and orphaned kin.

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