National Geographic December 1979


Our Wildest Wilderness: The Arctic Wildlife Range { So Empty, Yet So Full ; Our Wildest Wilderness: Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Range}
In the Arctic National Wildlife Range of far northeast Alaska, Douglas H. Chadwick and photographer Lowell Georgia roam an animal paradise amid solitude and natural beauty.
Graveyard of the Quicksilver Galleons
Two mercury- laden ships that perished in a West Indies hurricane in 1724 yield a treasure of new knowledge of Spanish colonial days. By marine historian Mendel Peterson and photographer Jonathan Blair.
Oregon’s Lovely, Lonely Coast
Mark Miller and Cotton Coulson meet a self- reliant breed of modern frontiersmen along 362 miles of rugged, rain- swept Pacific seashore.
Seoul: Korean Showcase
H. Edward Kim returns to his birthplace to find a city that lay in rubble 25 years ago now booming as one of the world’s 15 biggest metropolises.
The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen { The Magic World of Hans Christian Andersen}
An extraordinary Dane speaks forever to children and adults alike through fairy tales of darkness and light. Harvey Arden and Danish photographer Sisse Brimberg tell Andersen’s own story.

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