National Geographic December 1937


Inside Cape Horn
Rounding South America’s Cape Horn in a 26- foot boat yields eight months of adventure, mishap, and triumph in a region of everlasting storms.
Landscaped Kwangsi, China’s Province of Pictorial Art
China’s naturally sculpted, rustic province of Kwangsi ( Guangxi) is the site of many spectacular rock formations.
Bonds Between the Americas
Intertwined in the American economy, South America exports cacao nitrates, coffee, rubber, and other raw materials to the United States.
Changing Canton
Though pagodas and pai- lous, or archways, still decorate the ancient Chinese city of Canton ( Guangzhou) , they are being overshadowed by modern buildings.
Lake Geneva: Cradle of Conferences
Switzerland’s Lake Geneva country, peace hub of the world, has hosted many international conferences and has learned to take crises in stride.

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