National Geographic December 1932


The Story of the Map
Maps and mapmaking date back to our earliest civilizations, though aerial surveys now replace ancient star charts.
A Wonderer Under Sea
The author eloquently describes the undersea life he encounters on dives in all parts of the world from rocky coasts to tropical reefs.
The Greatest Voyage in the Annals of the Sea
Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the Earth, completed by his companions, proved the world was round and illustrated the relationships between oceans and continents of the Eastern and Western hemispheres.
The Historic City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia, Born of Penn and Strengthened by Franklin, a Metropolis of Industries, Homes, and Parks
Steeped in American history, William Penn’s greene country towne hardly rests on its laurels, busily blazing trails in every field of endeavor from culture to commerce.

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