National Geographic August 2006


Great Smoky Mountains { Smoky Mountain Seasons; Seasons of Smoke: Great Smoky Mountains}
The quiet splendor and patchwork history of the popular national park offer lessons in how humanity can coexist with nature. BY ADAM GOODHEART PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL MELFORD
New Orleans: Home No More { Hurricanes}
Last year’s Gulf Coast hurricanes upended landscapes and lives. Much will be rebuilt, but much is gone forever. PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID BURNETT ESSAY BY ERNEST J. GAINES
No End in Sight: Killer Hurricanes { Hurricanes; Super Storms: No End in Sight}
Scientists are urgently trying to forecast the next killer hurricanes. BY THOMAS HAYDEN
Army Ants on the March { Army Ants; Army Ants: Inside the Ranks}
At the pinnacle of social cooperation, army ants overwhelm their prey through their sheer force of numbers. ESSAY BY EDWARD O. WILSON TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK W. MOFFETT
Ghost World Guardian { Fremont Culture; Guardian of a Ghost World: Fremont Culture}
For 50 years rancher Waldo Wilcox guarded a Utah canyon full of artifacts from the ancient Fremont culture. Now the secret’s out. BY DAVID ROBERTS PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK
Where Currents Collide
In wild tides surging through the straits of Vancouver Island off British Columbia, marine life grows up strong and beautiful. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
A Geographic Life: Tom Abercrombie
Some people dream of exotic adventures with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Thomas J. Abercrombie lived that dream. BY DON BELT

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