National Geographic August 1958


British Columbia: Life Begins at 100: Canada’s Westernmost Province Builds Dams, Roads, and Factories, But Saves Her Grizzlies, Trout, Salmon, And Scenery
The arrival of the Trans- Canada Highway in the country’s westernmost province, signals the continuing development of a gloriously rugged frontier.
Off Santa Barbara: California’s Ranches in the Sea
Contained by ocean, sheep and cattle graze pasturelands on the northernmost Channel Islands.
How Old Is It? Telltale Radioactivity in Every Living Thing is Cracking the Riddle of Age
With radio- carbon dating, scientists create a comprehensive time line going back thousands of years, establishing the age of everything from mammoth bones to bark sandals.
Paris: Vibrant Heart of France
Photographers capture best- known boulevards and monuments of one of the world’s most elegant cities.
Dogs Work for Man: Intelligent and Eager, Man’s Oldest Friend Learns New Ways to Catch Thieves, Find the Lost, and Master Other Tricky Tasks
Man’s loyal friend uses smarts and a keen sense of smell to help in the home, in business, and on the farm.

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