National Geographic August 1936


Where Birds and Little Animals Find Haven
Inspired by a 1932 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine article, the town of Pasadena, California, established the Eaton Canyon Bird and Game Sanctuary to protect its wildlife, reflecting a national interest in conservation.
An August First in Gruyères
Tucked into the Swiss Alps, the village of Gruyeres, known for its cheese of the same name, celebrates summer with song, parades, and festivals.
Merry Maskers of Imst
A photo essay brings to life the masquerade festival called the Dance of the Phantoms, celebrated every third year by the town of Imst, in the mountains of Austria.
New Safeguards for Ships in Fog and Storm
Lighthouses have existed for centuries, but they are now equipped with radio beacons that guide countless ships through rain and fog.
Sea Creatures of Our Atlantic Shores
From Maine to Florida, the Atlantic coast’s continental shelf is laden with sea life, especially crabs, oysters, mussels, lobsters, and clams.
Rambling Around the Roof of Eastern America
Straddling Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains, home of the Cherokees, are among the highest peaks east of the Mississippi River.

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