National Geographic August 1924


Adventurous Sons of Ca?diz
The southernmost province of Spain is home to Phoenician tombs, Hebrew artifacts, Tyrian temples, Roman villas, and Moorish mosques. Ferry service across the Strait of Gibraltar will increase commerce with the nations of North Africa.
Discovering the Oldest Statues in the World: A Daring Explorer Swims Through a Subterranean River of the Pyrenees and Finds Rock Carvings Made 20, 000 Years Ago
Clutching matches and candles in his rubber bathing cap, the author dives into an underground river in the French mountains and resurfaces to discover sculptures and carvings that give evidence of ancient human habitation.
From Granada to Gibraltar- -A Tour of Southern Spain
Grenada, Malaga, Seville, Cordoba – – the cities of Andalusia echo with history and romance – – to say nothing of legendary grapes, almonds, citrus, figs, and olive oil.

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