National Geographic April 1955


Photographing the Sea’s Dark Underworld: Ocean Depths Surrender Their Secrets to Cameras Towed on Sleds, Dangled on Cables, and Borne by the Bathyscaphe
Ocean depths surrender their secrets to Harold Edgerton, inventor of high- speed flash photography, as he puts his considerable technical talents to work under the sea with the help of Jacques- Yves Cousteau.
Diving Through an Undersea Avalanche: Nearly a Mile Beneath the Mediterranean, the Bathyscaphe Touches Off a Slide Dislodging Tons of Mud
Jacques- Yves Cousteau relates the nerve- racking tale of his descent into an undersea canyon, nearly a mile beneath the Mediterranean.
Spain’s Fortunate Isles, the Canaries: On Colorful Islands Near Africa’s Desert Coast, Devout Canarios Pave City Streets with Blossoms at Corpus Christi Time
On colorful islands off Africa’s northwest coast, devout Canarios pave city streets with blossoms at Corpus Christi time.
Weather from the White North: In Lonely Year- round Vigil, Canadian and American Meteorologists Transmit Vital Data from the Top of the World
In a lonely year- round vigil, Canadian and American meteorologists endure isolation and extreme weather to transmit vital data from the top of the world.
Ohio Makes Its Own Prosperity: Busy Farms and Humming Factories Vie with Art Museums and Research Centers as Attractions of the Thriving Buckeye State
Busy farms and humming factories vie with art museums and research centers as attractions of the thriving Buckeye State.
Patrolling Troubled Formosa Strait
Formosa ( Taiwan) and the Pescadores ( P’ enghu Ch’ untao) endure an uneasy peace under the watchful eye of the U. S. military, as communist China threatens invasion.

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