National Geographic April 1946


India’s Treasures Helped the Allies
India proved to be a valuable source of three precious minerals vital to the Allied war effort – – beryl, mica, and talc were mined and shipped to the West for use in everything from aircraft engines to electronic equipment.
A Texan Teaches at Cambridge { A Texan Teaches American History at Cambridge University}
Prof. J. Frank Dobie recounts his experience as a visiting professor of American History at Cambridge University in England. Photos by B. Anthony Stewart
India Mosaic
In the last months before partition and independence, India is a land both foreign and familiar.
South of Khyber Pass
Maynard Owen Williams continues his voyage through the Middle East, with a visit to the Kyber Pass on the border between Afghanistan and India ( now Pakistan) . The Pathan and Afghan tribesmen of this region are some of the fiercest fighters in the world
The Maine American and the American Lobster
Take to the sea with the lobstermen of Maine to learn firsthand how these spiny crustaceans find their way from the ocean to your dinner table.

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