National Geographic April 1932


Flights from Arctic to Equator: Conquering the Alps, the Ice Peaks of Spitsbergen, of Persia, and Africa’s Mountains of the Moon
A skilled pilot and photographer chronicle several memorable, often dangerous flights across the continents with striking aerial images of Swiss mountains, Asian deserts, and African plains.
Out in San Francisco: Fed on Gold Dust and Fattened by Sea Trade, a Pioneer Village Becomes a Busy World Port
Superbly located San Francisco retains a reputation as an international port and business center as well as a seat of culture and fine cuisine.
Poland, Land of the White Eagle
A country on the rise like its symbol, the eagle, Poland’s reconstruction reveals the beauty and tradition squelched during the war.
Looking in on New Turkey
The Republic of Turkey still struggles with financial and social problems, yet in the seat of government, Ankara, fresh energy emanates from crowded schools, a sports field, and the National Assembly building.
How Half the World Works
Two Western women tour China, observing and describing the traditional, nonmechanized techniques involved in silk production and rice harvests.

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