National Geographic April 1918


The Gem of the Ocean: Our American Navy
The secretary of the Navy reports that there has been, on average, a war every 29 years of our national history. Relating some of that history, he also recounts the U. S. Navy’s role in science and exploration.
The Symbol of Service to Mankind: The Greatest Humanitarian Movement of Modern Times Originated in a Practical Attempt to Meet a Practical Need with a Practical Remedy
The greatest humanitarian movement of modern times is the Red Cross, originated in a practical attempt to meet a practical need: saving lives on the fields of battle.
What Is It To Be an American?
The real story of America, says the secretary of the interior, has not been so much its conquests and technological triumphs but its great experiment in attempting to gather together people of different races, creeds, conditions, and aspirations.
Three Drawings of the World War
From the the pen of eminent French artist Lucien Jonas, three drawings depict the horror and valor of Allied battle on the fields of Flanders and Verdun.
The National Geographic Society in War Time
Maj. Gen. A. W. Greely, of the U. S. Army, gives an account of the contributions made in 1917 by the National Geographic Society to the war effort.
Forming New Fashions in Food: The Bearing of Taste on One of Our Great Food Economies, the Dried Vegetable, Which Is Developing Into a Big War Industry
Experimenting with rats, scientists are determining the nutritional values of certain foods, like potatoes. The use of dried vegetables may have more far- ranging value for society than merely as a wartime measure.
An Appeal to Members of the National Geographic Society
Noting that they have already sacrificed their time, their wealth, and the lives of their loved ones to war, the Society asks its members to pledge themselves now to eat neither wheat bread, wheat cereals nor pastry made of wheat flour until the new whe;
Forerunners of Famine
Famine has become one of Germany’s most potent weapons, causing as many fatalities as have already been suffered in the fields of combat.

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