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MARS: Uncovering the secrets of the red planet

Mars – The red planet. It has captivated the human imagination for thousands of years, being both distant and yet the most Earth-like of all the planets. In 1997, millions of people watched as the Sojourner rover explored the planet’s surface. Now, National Geographic presents a definitive book on Mars that covers the planet, the technology used to explore it, and the possibilities of future discoveries.

The book, MARS, is highlighted by a collection of over 125 full-color photographs, including a stunning 3-dimensional 8-page panoramic gatefold with images capturing the sense of discovery at the Pathfinder landing site. The authoritative text, written by award-winning science journalist Paul Raeburn, traces the long history of our fascination with Mars and explains the current state of exploration. It includes a foreword and insightful commentary by Matt Golombek, the chief scientist on the successful Pathfinder mission, that interprets the amazing images transmitted from space and presents the information in clear, easy-to-understand language.

As humans look towards a future where they may explore the highest mountains and deepest valleys of the solar system, MARS serves as a dramatic, visually captivating chronicle of centuries of curiosity, decades of technical advancement, and the promise of years to come.


Format: Hardcover, 232 Pages

Published: 1998

Condition: Used

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