National Geographic November 1907

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The Sacred Tooth ( of Buddha)
A relic of great significance to Buddhists, the Sacred Tooth endured numerous thefts and, finally, destruction at the hands of the Portuguese. Recreated from ivory by order of the King of Kandy, it is enshrined at Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) in place of the orig
Queer Methods of Travel in Curious Corners of the World
Trolleys, railways, and the automobile have revolutionized Western modes of travel. However, for much of the world, transportation still relies on a variety of carts, palanquins, and other contrivances drawn by animals and sometimes humans.
Helping the Farmers
Ongoing research and experiments into improving agricultural methods are summarized in this note on the release of the annual Report of the Office of Experiment Stations of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
The Land of Fire
Situated at the center of a suboceanic volcanic region, Iceland’s fiery origins belie its chilly moniker. Jon Stefansson examines the country’s geography.
A Visit to Lonely Iceland
A Society member spends four weeks traveling through the isolated agricultural country of Iceland. Barely outside the Arctic Circle, the Norwegian- settled nation gained its appellation when a ninth- century pirate spotted an ice- filled bay from a mount
Planting Fishes in the Ocean
The U. S. government’s successful efforts to cultivate marine life – – comparable only to those of Norway’s – – fall under the auspices of the National Bureau of Fisheries. Here, the commissioner of the Bureau details the methods and benefits of his of
Hunting Big Game in Portuguese East Africa
R. C. F. Maugham relates tales of hunting in Mozambique – – including a near fatal encounter with a wounded wart hog – – as well as his experiences with the indigenous people of the area.

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