National Geographic March 1903

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The Canadian Boundary
A former secretary of state recaps the history of the boundary line between the United States and Canada, beginning with the 1783 peace treaty between the U. S. and Great Britain.
The Forests of Canada
Canada’s inland forests consist of three timber belts: the northern spruce belt, the southern commercial belt, and the British Columbian belt.
Work in the Far South
A quartet of independent expeditions – – English, German, Scottish, and Swedish – – explores towards the south polar region simultaneously.
Theories of Volcanic Action
Two scientists speculate on the causes of volcanic outbursts.
Mountains on Unimak Island, Alaska
A contrast in hot and cold, Unimak Island, of the Aleutian chain, hosts an active volcano yet bears the scars of glacial activity.
Opening of the Alaskan Territory
Spanning an area greater than that of the original 13 Colonies, Alaska beckons pioneers by river and railroad.

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