National Geographic June 1902

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The National Geographic Society Expedition in the West Indies
Intrepid members of an expedition jeopardize their lives during the study of ongoing volcanic activity on Mont Pelee.
The National Geographic Society Expedition to Martinique and St. Vincent
The National Geographic Society seizes an unprecedented opportunity to investigate ongoing volcanic eruptions in the West Indies.
Recent Exploration in the Canadian Rockies ( Part II)
The author’s party explores an uncharted region of high peaks, giant spruces, and alpine lakes populated by the Stony Indians.
Lafcadio Hearn on the Island and People of Martinique
The tiny island of Martinique is home to a mountainous topography, quaint settlements, and an astonishing population reminiscent of the Arabian Nights.
The Eruption of Krakatoa
The catastrophic eruption of Krakatau in 1883 produced an explosion unrivaled in recorded history and a roar that was heard nearly 3, 000 miles away.
Indicative of the Earth’s fiery beginnings, active volcanoes abound across the globe. The author examines the causes of eruptions and historical eruptions of note.
Magnetic Disturbance Caused by the Explosion of Mont Pele?e
The eruption of Mont Pelee caused a disruption in the Earth’s electromagnetic force detected as far away as Maryland and Hawaii.

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