National Geographic February 1908

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A Bear Hunt in Montana
A hunting excursion becomes a fight for survival as a hunter is mauled by a grizzly bear deep in the Montana wilderness.
The Carnegie Institution
The Carnegie Institution is undertaking many investigations too expensive for other organizations, including an extensive magnetic survey of the Pacific Ocean.
A Jumping Salmon
A photograph captures salmon attempting to leap up 12- foot- high falls on Andrew Carnegie’s estate in Skibo, Scotland.
A Few Thoughts Concerning Eugenics
Alexander Graham Bell discusses human breeding, the conditions that produce undesirable offspring, and what steps should or should not be taken to improve the bloodlines of American citizenry.
Ten Years in the Philippines
William H. Taft’s report describes the many benefits a decade of American rule has brought to the Philippines. A National Assembly has been created to promote self- government, education has been improved, and disease has been drastically reduced.
The Policemen of the Air: An Account of the Biological Survey of the Department of Agriculture
The United States Biological Survey investigates the effects of birds on agriculture, charts the geographic distribution of plants and animals, and creates initiatives for game and wildlife preservation.
Children of the World
A series of photos shows schoolchildren at work and play throughout the world, from Jamaica to India.

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