National Geographic February 1907

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The Bathing and Burning Ghats at Benares
The ghats at Benares ( Varanasi) – – wide flights of steps leading down to the river – – bring multitudes to the banks of the Ganges where worship, bathing, laundry, and crematory funereal rights are conducted.
Polar Photography
Explorer and expedition chronicler Anthony Fiala discuses the peculiar challenges of photography in the Arctic, where extremes of light and temperature all but negate the standard techniques of the craft.
An Ice Wrapped Continent
Commander of the British South Polar expedition Robert F. Scott relates his crew’s subzero adventures including encounters with perhaps the hardiest of Antarctica’s inhabitants, the emperor penguin.
Its predatory habits endear the wolf to neither western stockmen nor reserve and national park rangers. Wolves’ habits, cataloged for the purpose of their destruction, comprise a report summarized here.
Beautiful Ecuador
The U. S. minister to Ecuador lauds the equatorial nation’s beauty, culture and abundant natural resources, as well as the hospitality of its capital, Quito, nestled at the foot of Mount Pichincha.
How Long Will the Coal Reserves of the United States Last?
With consumption rates rising, concerns over U. S. coal reserves are hardly unwarranted as fossil fuels are the country’s main source of power for heat and light.
Efforts to Obtain Greater Energy from Coal
Spurred by increasing coal consumption, the U. S. government taps the U. S. Geological Survey to test more efficient methods of energy extraction and to reexamine sources previously deemed unusable.
Persia- -Past and Present
Illuminating photographs accompany this article noting the publication of A. V. Williams Jackson’s travel and research book on the ancient empire of Persia.
Notes on the Forest Service
A staunch supporter of conservation efforts, President Theodore Roosevelt reports on the progress of the U. S. Forest Service.

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