National Geographic August 1932

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Bulgaria, Farm Land Without a Farmhouse: A Nation of Villagers Faces the Challenge of Modern Machinery and Urban Life
Though the capital, Sofia, flourishes as a modern city, the majority of Bulgarians in this agricultural land of conservatism continue to farm the land of their ancestors.
Ontario, Next Door: Alert, Energetic, and Resourceful, Its British Pluck and Skill in Arts and Trades Gain for This Province a High Place Under the Union Jack
Both the physical and cultural center of Canada, versatile and indomitable Ontario boasts a wide range of economic activity including nickel and gold mining, fruit farming, hunting, fishing, and manufacturing.
Edinburgh, Athens of the North: Romantic History of Cramped Medieval City Vies With Austere Beauty of Newer Wide Streets and Stately Squares
The Manhattan of the Middle Ages, Scotland’s story- filled capital brims with momentous events in British history, literature, and legend.
The Nest Life of the Osprey { Photographing the Nest Life of the Osprey}
Staking out a nest in a promising spot, the author collects a series of detailed photographs of the birds’ nesting and nurturing activities, along with dramatic slow motion images of an osprey landing.

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