National Geographic August 1909

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The Colorado Desert
In southeast California and adjoining lands in Mexico there lies what was once one of the most desolate spots on Earth. Thanks to modern irrigation, the area is destined to become an important agricultural region.
Economic Loss to the People of the United States Through Insects That Carry Disease
The common housefly can carry typhoid, cholera, and intestinal ailments and is a factor in the spread of tuberculosis. The flea can transmit plague; the tick, spotted fever; and the mosquito, yellow fever and malaria. Yet through simple pest control man;
Life in the Great Desert of Central Asia
East of the Caspian Sea – – as in many other deserts around the world – – a great civilization once flourished. But today the population here is largely limited to pastoral and nomadic Kurds and Turkemans.
King Herring: An Account of the World’s Most Valuable Fish, the Industries it Supports, and the Part it Has Played in History
With more than 200 fantastically fecund varieties, both saltwater and freshwater, there is no family of fish and no group of aquatic animals that contributes so largely to the support of the human race as herrings. Useful as food, bait, and fertilizer, ;

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