The World of the American Indian

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National Geographic The World of the American Indian

  • I Am Alive (by N Scott Momaday)
  • Across an Arctic Bridge (by Jesse D. Jennings)
  • Nomads of the North (by David Damas)
  • Woodsmen and Villagers of the East (by William C. Sturtevant)
  • About Language (by Wallace L. Chafe)
  • Farmers and Raiders of the Southwest (by Alfonso Ortiz)
  • Fishermen and Foragers of the West (by Robert F Heizer)
  • Horsemen of the Plains (by John C. Ewers)
  • The Clash of Cultures (by D’Arcy McNickle)
  • From Wounded Knee to Wounded Knee (by Vine Deloria, Jr. )


Format: Hardcover, 400 Pages

Published: 1993

ISBN: 0870449729

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