National Geographic September 1988


Three Men Who Made the Magazine
In a look back at NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’ S first 100 years, Editor- at- Large Charles McCarry traces the special gifts of Alexander Graham Bell, Glibert H. Grosvenor, and Melville Bell Grosvenor, three innovators whose creative ideas and talented staffs ga
Alexander Graham Bell
Pulitzer Prize- winning historian Robert V. Bruce brings alive the Scottish- born tinkerer who became one of America’s most famous inventors and a beloved teacher of the deaf. Photographs by Ira Block.
Spoofing the Geographic
Through the years America’s top cartoonists have poked good- natured fun at Geographic traditions. Humorist Ray Blount, Jr. , gives his own views.
Descendants of the Expeditions { The Henson Family}
Descendants of Matthew Henson travel from Greenland to the United States to meet their relatives for the first time and pay homage to the great polar explorer.
Descendants of the Expeditions { The Peary Family}
Recounting touching moments of reconciliation, Edward Peary Stafford, the explorer’s grandson, travels to Greenland to meet the Eskimo family of Robert E. Peary. Photographs by Bob Sacha.
Did Peary Reach the Pole? { Commander Robert E. Peary: Did He Reach the Pole? }
The claim of the great Arctic explorer has been questioned for nearly 80 years. Drawing on all available sources including Peary’s now released diary, Wally Herber – – also a noted polar explorer – – joins the debate.
Within the Yellow Border
The famous GEOGRAPHIC cover has mirrored the birth, growth, and universality of our Society’s journal, says Editor Wilbur E. , Garrett. Foldout displays early covers and presents all 353 with illustrations, since the first in July 1942.
The Greatest Job in the World?
In lighthearted stream of consciousness, Senior Associate Editor Joseph Judge recalls private comments of our far- ranging writers and photographers.
The Art of Photography at National Geographic { Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic}
Geographic photographers as art are discussed by Jane Livingston, Associate Director and Chief Curator of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. From past magazine and archives she and her staff selected pictures for an exhibit that will be see

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