National Geographic September 1967


Kayak Odyssey: From the Inland Sea to Tokyo
Traveling by kayak on a 1, 100- mile journey, American and British youths meet the Japanese of remote villages bordering Japan’s Inland Sea.
Sharing the Lives of Wild Golden Eagles
Near Livingston, Montana, researchers climb windy crags to observe the courtship, nesting, and hunting habits of the magnificent raptors whose habitat is shrinking around the world.
[ White Mist] Cruises to Wreck- haunted St. Pierre and Miquelon
In his yawl, White Mist, the Geographic’s Editor and his crew investigate islands off Newfoundland that are French to their core.
Houston, Prairie Dynamo
The nation’s sixth largest city and third largest port rounds off the brash edges of a western town with a newly minted affection for art, astrodome, and space center.
Russell Cave Dedicated; New Visitor Center Named for Gilbert H. Grosvenor
Named for the Society’s late President and Editor, a new national monument protects an Alabama cavern that sheltered primitive hunters almost 9, 000 years ago.

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