National Geographic September 1954


Helping Holland Rebuild Her Land: American Students Lend a Hand as the Gallant Dutch Repair the Ravages of Their Country’s Old Enemy, the Sea
Students from many nations dedicate their summer vacations to help the Dutch rebuild dikes and reclaim flooded land.
Our Snake Friends and Foes
Of five families of snakes native to North America, only a few species are poisonous. However, it takes training to know friend from foe, and caution to avoid an accidental encounter.
The Solemn, Sociable Puffins
Returning to study puffins after the war years, the author observes a pair as they mate, nest, play, and raise their young on the rocky shores of southwestern Wales.
Eastman of Rochester: Photographic Pioneer: A Gifted Bank Clerk, Born a Century Ago, Revolutionized Picture Taking and Made Kodak a Household Name
George Eastman, the enthusiastic photographer and businessman who founded Eastman Kodak Company, revolutionized picture taking and made Kodak a household name.
America Goes to the Fair: Farmers and City Dwellers Meet at Booming Harvest Festivals That Entertain and Educate 85, 000, 000 Visitors a Year
The popularity of state fairs and agricultural festivals has increased in the postwar years. Over 85 million people visit these events each year for entertainment and education.

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