National Geographic September 1953


American Family in Afghanistan: Where Camel Caravans Share Ancient Routes with Motorbuses, a Yankee Teacher, Wife, and Children Happily Set Up Housekeeping
When an American professor accepts an invitation to teach at Habibia College in Kabul, his family relocates with him. Housekeeping in the ancient capital proves to be both challenging and entertaining for his wife and family.
From Tucson to Tombstone: Southeastern Arizona Keeps the Dudes Happy with Cowboy Styles, Cactus Forests, Ghost Towns, and Live Indians
Southeastern Arizona keeps up its frontier image with rodeos, cowboys, and Indians, as well as cactus and sagebrush.
Along the Yukon Trail: On a Route of Tragedy and Treasure, Old- timers and Ghost Towns Recall the Stampeders of ‘ 98, Clean Mad for the Muck Called Gold
The Yukon gold rush of 1898 brought a stampede of prospectors, miners, and others to this remote Canadian wilderness. Today, old- timers and ghost towns recall the gold fever madness.
In the London of the New Queen
The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, marked not only the ascension of a new British monarch but also the end of the postwar era of rationing and deprivation.
Crickets, Nature’s Expert Fiddlers: Celebrated in Story and Legend, These Accomplished Insects Are Musicians, Ventriloquists- -and Thermometers
Of the 2, 000 known species of crickets, many of them chirp by scraping their wings. Crickets are prized in Asia as musical pets, prizefighters, and even food.

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