National Geographic September 1943


La Venta’s Green Stone Tigers
Sponsored by the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution, the third expedition to the island of La Venta, in the swamps of southern Mexico, yields mosaics, stone heads, and carved jade objects.
They Sustain the Wings
In addition to keeping Army planes in top condition, the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command also predicts the weather, detects enemy craft with radar, and operates air- traffic control rooms.
Wartime Washington
Temporary buildings, air raid drills, government- occupied buildings, and growing suburbs illustrate the changes in Washington since World War II began.
Sicily Again in the Path of War
In July 1943, Allied forces staged a surprise attack on Sicily, an Italian island in the Mediterranean dotted with mountains, Greek ruins, and lemon, orange, and olive groves.
Timor, a Key to the Indies
Now occupied by Japan, Timor is a volcanic island in the Pacific with hot springs, crocodiles, cobras, water buffaloes, and inhabitants who grow rice and coffee.
Revealing Earth’s Mightiest Ocean
Plying the Pacific from New Zealand to the Philippines, explorers such as Cook and Magellan reached the frontiers of the world’s widest and deepest ocean.

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