National Geographic September 1923


A Northern Crusoe’s Island: Life on a Fox Farm Off the Coast of Alaska, Far from Contact with the World Eleven Months a Year
On windy, eight- square- mile Middleton island, 160 miles off Alaska’s southern coast, a native Bostonian and his wife run a government breeding farm for blue fox – – with none of the comforts of home. They say they wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Hairnet Industry in North China
For the first time in history the people of China are making goods for more than just home consumption. Largest among the infant industries is the production of handmade hairnets for export, a skill introduced by Germans 15 years ago.
The Coasts of Corsica: Impressions of a Winter’s Stay in the Island Birthplace of Napoleon
Beneath the striking beauty of this scented isle south of the Cote d’ Azur is a land of paradox, where the sea is all around but mariners are few; where mountainsides are terraced yet fertile plains go untilled; where vendetta is the byword but thievery;

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