National Geographic October 1966


To Gilbert Grosvenor: a Monthly Monument 25 Miles High
A review of the life of the late Editor of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC explains how he charted the magazine’s course for more than 50 years.
A Fresh Breeze Stirs the Leewards
Sailing Finisterre from the Windward Islands north to Guadeloupe and the Virgin Islands, a veteran yachtsman finds that the British, French, Dutch, and U. S. territories have become popular tourist destinations.
Sherpaland, My Shangri- La
In emerald valleys of northeastern Nepal, hardy mountaineers practice Tibetan Buddhism and assist foreign climbers to lofty peaks – – the abode of their gods.
First Color Photographs on the Moon’s Rocky Face { Surveyor: Candid Camera on the Moon}
In a preview of future missions, a vehicle called Surveyor 1 sends back to Earth striking images of the moon’s surface.

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