National Geographic October 1956


Back to the Historic Black Hills: The Old West Rubs Elbows with the New in a Frontier Vacationland Rich with Memories of Indians, Covered Wagons, and Gold Fever
A native son returns to the mountains of South Dakota, where the Old West rubs elbows with the new amid memories of Indians, covered wagons, and gold fever.
Life 8, 000 Years Ago Uncovered in an Alabama Cave: A National Geographic Society- Smithsonian Institution Expedition Also Reveals the 4, 000- year- old Skeleton of a Cave Man
A headline- making discovery offers archaeologists an unprecedented collection of clues from the daily life of generations of cave dwellers.
Shipworms, Saboteurs of the Sea: Scientists Seek Ways to Combat Teredos, Tiny Wood- boring Mollusks That Topple Wharves and Sink Ships
Scientists seek ways to combat teredos, tiny wood- boring mollusks that topple wharves and sink ships.
Himalayan Pilgrimage
Christopher Rand joins ordinary pilgrims and holy men in an annual Hindu trek to Amaranth cave, a sacred site in the wilderness of Kashmir.
Surprising Switzerland: A Landlocked Nation Served by 1, 500 Passenger Steamers Offers Visitors Everything from Edelweiss and Glaciers to Palm- shaded Beaches
A landlocked nation served by 1500- passenger steamers offers visitors everything from edelweiss and glaciers to palm- shaded beaches.
Honey Eaters of Currumbin: Hundreds of Colorful Lorikeets Commute from Distant Forest Homes to Feed on the Lawn of a Friendly Australian Beekeeper
Flocks of rainbow- hued birds commute from distant forest homes to feed and claim sanctuary on the lawn of a friendly Australian beekeeper.
A New Look at Kenya’s Treetops : Though Mau Mau Raiders Burned Down the Famous Hotel- in- a- tree, Elephants and Rhinos Still Crowd This Game- watcher’s Paradise
Though Mau Mau raiders burned down the famous hotel- in- a- tree, elephants and rhinos still crowd the game- watcher’s paradise.

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