National Geographic October 1923


The Automobile Industry: An American Art That Has Revolutionized Methods in Manufacturing and Transformed Transportation
From just one primitive car for every 18, 000 people in 1898, today’s marvels of silence and service already number more than 13 million. The industry has spurred far- reaching consequences, from the gasoline, rubber, and metal industries to increases i
How the Earth Telegraphed Its Tokyo Quake to Washington
The director of the seismological laboratory at Georgetown University tells how he detected the Japanese earthquake and determined its location.
The Cause of Earthquakes
In the wake of Japan’s unparalleled earthquake, the leader of the National Geographic Society’s Katmai expeditions writes about what earthquakes are, how to predict them, and how to alleviate their damage.
The Empire of the Risen Sun
Last month’s earthquake, tidal wave, and typhoon destroyed Tokyo and its port of Yokohama. But the typical resourcefulness and industry of the Japanese character will enable them to build something still greater on the ruins.

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