National Geographic October 1921


Over the Andes to Bogota?
Colombia is a South American jewel that can be enjoyed with no more hardship than any other travel off the beaten track.
Buenos Aires and Its River of Silver: A Journey Up the Parana? and Paraguay to the Chaco Cattle Country
The charms of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires attract travelers to Argentina. Yet, upriver lies a wilder territory of unexplored danger.
The Society’s New Map of South America
Mighty rivers in the east and the towering Andes in the west define this continent of ten countries and three colonies.
Trail and Jungle in Ecuador { Over Trail and Through Jungle in Ecuador: Indian Head- Hunters of the Interior an Interesting Study in the South American Republic}
Aside from Spanish descendants and fierce Indian tribes of the jungle, most of the people in this mountainous equatorial country are Quichua, sturdy descendants of the Inca.

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