National Geographic October 1918


How Canada Went to the Front
Canada sees her duty to rally to the defense of Britain as a privilege, writes T. B. Macaulay, who notes Canada’s sacrifice for European freedom.
Russia’s Orphan Races: Picturesque Peoples Who Cluster on the Southeastern Borderland of the Vast Slav Dominions
Maynard Owen Williams undertakes an omnibus survey of the great ethnic stew pot that comprises Russia’s southern and Asian domains, from the Cossacks of the southern steppes and the Georgians of the trans- Caucasus to the Turkomens of Bokhara ( Bokhoro)
An Old Jewel in the Proper Setting: An Eyewitness’s Account of the Reconquest of the Holy Land by Twentieth Century Crusaders
The conquest of Jerusalem was an isolated incident in Britain’s Near Eastern campaign. To capture Palestine from Turkish and German forces, Britain and its colonies have sent a million men to the Holy Land and Mesopotamia.
The Healer of Humanity’s Wounds
Photographs from the front reveal the importance of the American Red Cross in bolstering the health and spirits of our heroes in the trenches.
What the War Has Done for Britain
Britain entered a war to which the enemy had not challenged her, writes Judson C. Welliver, because she believed she was doing right. In return Britain has been reborn with a new zeal for democracy and a new genius for solving human dilemmas.

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