National Geographic November 2023


Featured Articles:

  • Ice and Fire: A thrilling look at scientists studying a rare lava lake within a South Atlantic volcano, penned by Freddie Wilkinson with Renan Ozturk’s striking visuals.
  • Clearing the Air: Natasha Daly underscores the gravity of climate change and the necessity for large-scale carbon removal, featuring Carbfix’s innovative CO2 conversion process with photographs by Davide Monteleone.
  • The Meticulous Hunt: An Antarctic adventure narrated by Bertie Gregory, depicting the battle against invasive species, set against Jon Lowenstein’s poignant photography.
  • Building on Family Ties: Ximena Urra Orrea’s chronicle of the Chicago New Soil Project, aiming to bridge the gap between the city and its African American roots, with Jon Lowenstein’s insightful images.
  • Poetry in Plumage: Heidi and Hans-J├╝rgen Koch offer a lens into the enchanting world of feathers, showcasing their beauty and the belief in their poetic mastery through photography.
  • The Allure of the Untouched People: Adam Goodheart explores the isolated existence of the Sentinelese, emphasizing the importance of respecting their choice to remain disconnected.
  • A Spot of Luck for Migrating Monarchs: Jason Bittel highlights the surprising findings in monarch butterfly migrations, revealing larger patterns through marking studies.

Spotlighted Article:

  • Ice and Fire: The feature provides a compelling tale of the daring scientists studying the persistent lava lake of a remote South Atlantic volcano, offering insights into the Earth’s geothermal activity. The article by Freddie Wilkinson, supported by Renan Ozturk’s photography, transports the reader to the volatile edge where the power of the Earth is both visible and vibrant, showcasing the extremes of nature and human curiosity.

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