National Geographic November 1956


Zoo Animals Go to School
Children see for themselves that snakes are not slimy and skunks don’t always smell when a lecturer from the Bronx Zoo brings live animals to the classroom.
Vanished Mystery Men of Hudson Bay: An Expedition Co- sponsored by the National Geographic Sociey Unearths Moldering Bones and Tools That Link Stone Age Eskimos to a European Culture of 8, 000 Years Ago
Sadlermiut Eskimos were wiped out by white man’s disease at the turn of the century, but their tools, bones, and ruins of their huts link them to a European culture of 8, 000 years ago.
The Nation’s Newest Old Masters: Washington’s National Gallery of Art Celebrates Its 15th Birthday with an Exhibit of 121 Masterpieces from the Kress Collection
The National Gallery of Art lives up to founder Andrew Mellon’s expectation that it would rival the world’s best, with a birthday exhibit of 121 masterpieces from the Kress collection.
New York State’s New Main Street: Following the Historic Water- level Route, the Thruway Booms Travel and Business Between the Sea and the Great Lakes
From the Big Apple to Buffalo, the world’s longest toll highway follows a trail first conceived by Iroquois Indians.
Sports- minded Melbourne, Host to the Olympics
This lively Australian city, where tennis, golf, and horse racing flourish, is the youngest- ever Olympic host.
Chessmen Come to Life in Marostica: An Italian Town Revives a Romantic Legend of the Middle Ages, in Which Suitors Played Chess for the Hand of a Lady Fair
In an Italian town, costumed villagers revive a romantic legend of the Middle Ages in which suitors play chess for the hand of a fair lady on a board with human pieces.

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