National Geographic November 1939


Chemists Make a New World: Creating Hitherto Unknown Raw Materials, Science Now Disrupts Old Trade Routes and Revamps the World Map of Industry
Chemists have developed an array of synthetic materials such as cellophane, nylon, plastic, and flame- resistant cloth.
Buenos Aires: Queen of the River of Silver
Largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, Buenos Aires is situated on the Rio de la Plata, river of silver. Argentine life radiates from this attractive and cosmopolitan metropolis.
The Nomads of Arctic Lapland: Mysterious Little People of a Land of the Midnight Sun Live Off the Country Above the Arctic Circle
In northern Scandinavia, above the Arctic Circle, nomadic Lapps herd reindeer and live in temporary tent camps.
Historic Danzig: Last of the City- States
Before falling under German control in September 1939, Danzig was one of the last independent cities in Europe, flying its own flag and issuing its own currency.

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