National Geographic November 1938


An American Girl Cycles Across Romania: Two- wheel Pilgrim Pedals the Land of Castles and Gypsies, Where Roman Empire Traces Mingle With Remnants of Oriental Migration
On a bicycle headed for the Black Sea, an American meets many of Romania’s devout, hardworking citizens.
The Panther of the Hearth: Lithe Grace and Independence of Spirit Contribute to the Appeal of Cats, The Only Domestic Animal Man Has Never Conquered
From the colony of cats that live in Rome’s ruins to the clever felines of New Zealand’s dairy farms, cats are admired by their owners for their hunting prowess and regal composure.
Wonder Island of the Amazon Delta: On Marajo? Cowboys Ride Oxen, Tree- dwelling Animals Throng Dense Forests, While Strange Fishes and Birds Help Make a Zoologist’s Paradise
On an island between the mouths of the mighty Amazon and Para Rivers, Brazilian cowboys hurl lassos and tend their cattle ranches on horseback, fending off piranhas, boa constrictors, and crocodile- like reptiles called caymans.
Tristan da Cunha, Isles of Contentment: On Lonely Sea Spots of Pirate Lore and Shipwrecks Seven Families Live Happily Far From War Rumors and World Changes
Deep in the South Atlantic Ocean on five volcanic British islands known as Tristan da Cunha, seven families live peacefully without money, gas, electricity or telephones – – 1, 500 miles from the nearest populated place.

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