National Geographic November 1927


The Pathfinder of the East: Setting Sail to Find Christians and Spices, Vasco da Gama Met Amazing Adventures, Founded an Empire, and Changed the History of Western Europe
Da Gama’s fleet left Portugal in 1497 and completed a 23, 800- mile voyage to India and back, sowing the seeds of future trade between East and West and inaugurating Portuguese colonialism.
An Altitudinal Journey Through Portugal: Rugged Scenic Beauty, Colorful Costumes, and Ancient Castles Abound in Tiny Nation That Once Ruled a Vast Empire
Homeland of Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama, Portugal offers the visitor an unusual mix of sights: medieval and Muslim castles, port wine vinters, and toothpick makers, to name a few.
Round About Liechtenstein: A Tiny Principality Which the Visitor May Encompass in a Single View Affords Adventurous Climbs Among Steep Pastures and Quaint Villages
Mile- high mountains and the Rhine River partition Lichtenstein from Austria and Switzerland and lure visitors to glorious scenery, open- air medieval plays, and neighborly people.

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