National Geographic November 1924


The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg: A Miniature Democratic State of Many Charms Against a Feudal Background
The whole of this 999- square- mile country is greater than the sum of its parts, the author writes. Those parts – – cows, castles, grass, and flowers – – offer nothing to excite wonder, but much to please.
Banishing the Devil of Disease Among the Nashi of Yu?nnan Province, China { Banishing the Devil of Disease Among the Nashi: Weird Ceremonies Performed by an Aboriginal Tribe in the Heart of Yu?nnan Province, China}
The leader of the National Geographic Society’s Yunnan Province expedition visits an isolated Tibeto- Burmese community where sorcerers treat disease by symbol, sacrifice, and elaborate sets of rituals.
Flashes of Color Throughout France
A potpourri of unusual rural scenes, and more.
Tiger- Hunting in India
As a guest of the viceroy, the author, an experienced hunter, travels to jungles to enjoy an elephant- borne adventure whose excitement, he says, is unmatched by any other.

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