National Geographic November 1910


Glimpses of Korea and China
Color plates illustrate life in Korea, now under the administration of powerful Japan, and in China , a land 43 times larger than Korea.
Among the Cannibals of Belgian Kongo
Two generations after taking up agriculture, a tribe of Pygmies in the Bushongo country have grown larger in stature, suggesting to neighboring tribes that they might not be the half ghosts they were once believed to be.
Our Color Pictures
The first series of color illustrations for the magazine are from photos by William W. Chapin of Rochester, New York. They were colored under Chapin’s direction by a Japanese artist.
The Man Without the Hoe
The farmers who live along the banks of the lower Colorado River in California have it easy. When the silt and mud beneath their feet dry and crack in the heat, all they need do is broadcast their seed and no further cultivation is necessary.
The Pest of English Sparrows
Among birds, the English sparrow is comparable to the rat among mammals, the author writes: cunning, destructive, and filthy. Eliminating it can be accomplished by destroying nests during the breeding season, providing decoy birdhouses that are really t;
The Mistletoe
Photographs of one of the most destructive tree parasites known – – a plant that is a problem particularly in Texas – – show the destruction it may cause.
A New Source of Power: Billions of Tons of Lignite, Previously Thought Too Poor Coal for Commercial Use, Are Made Easily Available
Just a step removed from peat and wood, lignite exists in abundance in the U. S. – – perhaps 740 billion tons, excluding Alaska, are available.
Mr. Roosevelt’s African Game Trails
A selection from a memoir by Theodore Roosevelt is accompanied by photographs by Kermit Roosevelt.
Kboo, a Liberian Game
Although unknown to Europeans, a game played in Africa, Southern Asia, and the West Indies is, along with chess and draughts, a game of pure skill.

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