National Geographic May 2007


America’s Border Wall { Our Walls, Ourselves; Border Wall; Our Wall: U. S. -Mexico Border}
Fences may make good neighbors, but the barriers dividing the U. S. and Mexico are proving much more complicated. BY CHARLES BOWDEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DIANE COOK AND LEN JENSHEL
India’s Urban Heart { Dharavi; Dharavi: Mumbai’s Shadow City}
As Mumbai booms, the poor of its notorious Dharavi slum find themselves living in some of India’s hottest real estate. BY MARK JACOBSON PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONAS BENDIKSEN
Legacy of Jamestown { Legacy of Jamestown: What Would You Take to the New World? }
Artifacts unearthed at Jamestown reveal the lives of the colonists who arrived there in 1607 on the riskiest of ventures. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK MAP SUPPLEMENT: A WORLD TRANSFORMED
Jamestown: The Real Story { Creating America; Legacy of Jamestown; Legacy of Jamestown: America, Found & Lost}
The English colonists who landed at Jamestown 400 years ago undermined an ecosystem and changed the continent forever. BY CHARLES C. MANN
Zambia Valley of Life { Zambia Wildlife; Valley of Life; Luangwa Valley; Waiting for Thunder: Zambia’s Luangwa Valley}
Hippos, lions, and elephants thrive in a remote Zambian valley, all in step with the seasonal rhythms of the Luangwa River. BY CHRISTINE ECKSTROM PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANS LANTING
Bulldog Ants { Lone Huntress: The Bulldog Ant}
Australia’s tenacious ants hunt alone, getting by on a potent combination of vision, venom, and sheer ferocity. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK W. MOFFETT


A WORLD TRANSFORMED(31 x 20 1/4 inches)
Included: Maps of eastern North America locating substantial Indian populations before and after contact with Europeans ( 1491 and 1650) ; notes on Micmac, Montagnais, Eastern Abenaki, Southern New England Algonquians, Virginia Algonquians, Montagnais, S
1607: WHEN CULTURES COLLIDED(31 x 20 1/4 inches)
Included: Painting of Werowocomo, capital of the Powhatan Indian chiefdom, showing temple, Powhatan’ s house, storehouse, agricultural fields, scarecrow hut, footbridge, chief’ s ground, sacred space, hunting, vantage point, fishing, family houses, dugou

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