National Geographic May 1967

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The St. Lawrence, River Key to Canada
The waterway that bears the legacy of the French- English competition for North America, continues to carry riches to and from the American heartland.
Canada Marks Her First Century
The Geographic’s Editor recalls the close relationship between the Society and Canada.
Micronesia: The Americanization of Eden
The U. S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands – – far- flung islands and atolls wrested from Japanese control in World War II – – is home to 93, 000 Micronesians, many still living like their ancestors.
The Hohokam: First Masters of the American Desert { First Masters of the American Desert: The Hohokam}
Excavations southeast of Phoenix, Arizona, expose the accomplishments of ancient Indians who farmed corn, squash, and beans here more than 2, 000 years ago.
Magnetic Clues Help Date the Past
With a new dating technique called archeomagnetism, scientists pinpoint the age of Roman kilns and fire pits of ancient humans.
Montreal Greets the World
The Quebec capital rushes to build facilities and freeways to play host to a world’s fair, Expo 67, and to celebrate the city’s 325th birthday as well as Canada’s centennial.

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  1. Mark Armstrong

    It was fun to find this article I read on Ponape in 1979…
    Tuesday April 17, 1979
    “Another morning Marshallese language session. I am picking up a lot, mostly being able to pronounce the various sounds correctly is enough of a reward for me. After lunch everyone seemed a bit tired so we decided to have language training after dinner. Father Soucie conducted our ag session in the afternoon. It consisted of redoing several things that we learned in Frogmore. Since we were not going to have necessarily fertilizer or pesticides, it meant we had to learn otherwise to combat disease and pests. Father Soucie asked which of us were going to the atolls in the Marshalls. Dave and I said it was us. He laughed and said, “well enjoy your rest and whatever else you do for the next two years, cause vegetables won’t grow there!” We were done by 4 and so we decided to head for the falls before dinner. It was a 20 minutes hike through some really picturesque areas along the riverbank. The beauty of the falls is indescribable. We learned it was featured in the May, 1967 National Geographic magazine. The cool water felt great, the heat of the day evaporated. It was so refreshing we didn’t want to leave. Only 4 of us went, and when we told the others how great it was, we talked about getting out of class early and all heading there tomorrow.

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