National Geographic May 1963


Mountaintop War in Remote Ladakh
Suffering from altitude sickness, heart failure, and the bitter cold, dedicated Sikh sentries of Ladakh – – little Tibet – – in the Kashmir region, defend their homeland from Chinese communists’ relentless invasions.
Voyage to Venus: The Story of Mariner II { Mariner Scans a Lifeless Venus}
Earth’s emissary to Venus, Mariner II undertakes an amazing 182 million- mile space journey.
Mount Rainier: Testing Ground for Everest
With dreams of Mount Everest dancing in their heads, a team of expert mountaineers convene at Mount Rainier in Washington State to test their clothing, equipment, and physical endurance in preparation for the Himalaya.
The Long, Deep Dive
A diver dwells for more than 24 hours in the alien world 200 feet down in the sea.
Our Man- in- Sea Project
A revolutionary diving cylinder has opened the way to new and unexplored frontiers – – the vast continental shelves, with their promise of mineral wealth and scientific riches.
India in Crisis
Post- colonial tensions threaten to destabilize India as border conflicts erupt in the Kashmir region.

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