National Geographic May 1936


The Scientific Results of the World- Record Stratosphere Flight
Gen. John J. Pershing awarded the National Geographic Society’s highest honor, the Hubbard Medal, to Cap. Albert W. Stevens and Cap. Orvil A. Anderson, the pilots of the balloon Explorer II, who set a world record for altitude.
Who’s Who Among the Butterflies
From swallowtails to skippers, the 50, 000 different kinds of butterflies are categorized in six groups.
Butterflies- -Try and Get Them
Not even dedicated collectors have caught every one of the 50, 000 kinds of butterflies, many of which are elusive and rare.
Utah, Carved by Winds and Waters: The Beehive State, Settled Only 89 Years Ago, Stands a Monument to the Courage of Its Founders
Blazing with color, Utah’s dramatic arches, red canyons, and plateaus were formed by millions of years of erosion.
Normandy- -Choice of the Vikings
Though farmers and fishermen inhabit Normandy, the coastal French province has been a sailing region since the days of the Vikings.

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