National Geographic March 1963


Arizona: Booming Youngster of the West
No longer a desert landscape of just cactus and cowboys, at its 51st year of statehood Arizona has been transformed by prosperity and growth.
Our Nuclear Navy
Chief of naval operations, Adm. George W. Anderson, Jr. , briefs National Geographic Society members about American nuclear- powered ships and submarines.
Venezuela Builds on Oil
In this resource- rich nation, a democratic regime helps spur economic growth while trying to aid those impoverished citizens bypassed by the boom.
The Deadly Fisher ( Portuguese Man- of- War) { The Deadly Fisher}
Scourge of Atlantic beaches, the Portuguese man- of- war’s tentacles can inflict painful wounds to humans and fatal wounds to its prey.
The Mighty [ Enterprise]
Eight atomic furnaces power the world’s largest ship, the United States aircraft carrier Enterprise.
Sandwiched between powerful neighbors, the tiny Asian kingdom of Sikkim struggles to maintain its identity.

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