National Geographic March 1956


Expedition to the Land of the Tiwi: On Australia’s Remote Melville Island, Civilization Is Overtaking Aborigines Living 50, 000 Years in the Past
On Australia’s remote Melville Island, civilization is overtaking Aborigines living 50, 000 years in the past with no agriculture, pottery, or permanent structures.
High Road in the Pyrenees: Medieval Towns amd Geographic Oddities Hide in the Rugged Range That Forms the Frontier Between France and Spain
Renowned travel writer H. V. Morton journeys through medieval towns and geographical oddities hidden in the rugged range that forms the frontier between France and Spain.
Fossils Lift the Veil of Time: In These Telltale and Often Beautiful Relics of Vanished Ages, Science Reads Life’s Story and Finds a Key to Mineral Treasure
In these telltale and often beautiful relics of vanished ages, science reads life’s story, and finds a key to mineral treasure.
People and Penguins of the Faraway Falklands: An Ornithologist Explores Britain’s Remote South Atlantic Colony and Films the Life of the Islands’ Feathered Sobersides
Traveling by boat to the distant corners of Britain’s South Atlantic colony, an ornithologist films the islands’ penguins, albatrosses, and other birds.
Men Who Measure the Earth: Surveyors from 18 New World Nations Invade Trackless Jungles and Climb Snow Peaks to Map Latin America
Surveyors from 18 New World nations brave trackless jungles and climb snowy peaks to map Latin America.

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