National Geographic March 1938


China’s Great Wall of Sculpture: Man- hewn Caves and Countless Images Form a Colossal Art Wonder of Early Buddhism
The caves at Yun Kang, in China’s Shansi ( Shanxi) Province, stretch for more than a mile and are decorated with paintings and ornate Buddhist images carved from sandstone by the Toba Tatars of the Northern Wei dynasty, who ruled northern China from A.
Southward Ho! In the Alice
Following the path of pirates in a 52- foot sailboat, the Alice, eight seafarers leisurely cruise from North Carolina to the West Indies, finding friendly Caribbean residents instead of buried treasure.
Hong Kong- -Britain’s Outpost in China { Hong Kong- -Britain’s Far- flung Outpost in China}
Photographs reveal that Hong Kong, owned by Britain, is a cosmopolitan port city.
Guernsey, the Friendly Island
Living amid quaint streets, prim gardens, and cattle farms, the residents of the British island of Guernsey speak both French and English.

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