National Geographic March 1918


A Unique Republic, Where Smuggling Is an Industry
Andorra, a cheerfully outlaw state on the crest of the Pyrenees, is described by the author from the vantage point of the tiny town of Llivia, where the stranger suffers from the unjust suspicion that he is an officer of the law.
The Health and Morale of America’s Citizen Army: Personal Observations of Conditions in Our Soldier Cities by a Former Commander- in- Chief of the United States Army and Navy
In a lecture to the National Geographic Society, former President William H. Taft offers his personal observations on the conditions in our soldier cities.
The Isle of Frankincense
Socotra, once a primary source of frankincense, is now a British protectorate languishing in the Indian Ocean. If, as legend tells, Socotran women once lured seamen, siren- like, to their shores, their charms have sadly deserted them since.
Voyaging on the Volga Amid War and Revolution: War- time Sketches on Russia’s Great Waterway
Taking advantage of the privileged position Americans now enjoy in Russia, the author journeys down the Volga in the teeth of ongoing revolution.
Plain Tales from the Trenches: As Told Over the Tea Table in Blighty- -A Soldiers’ Home in Paris
Over a tea table in a soldiers’ home in Paris, a group of Tommies, Canucks, Scotties, and Aussies fresh back from the front tell of their happiness to be alive.

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