National Geographic June 1979


An American 4- H Exchange: Down on the Farm in the U. S. S. R { Down on the Farm, Soviet Style- -a 4- H Adventure; Down on the Farm, Soviet Style- -An American 4- H Adventure}
Delegates in an exchange program, twelve young Americans describe the uncommon experience of living and working in the breadbasket of the Soviet Union. By John Garaventa; photographs by James Tobin and Carol Schmidt.
A Clinical Look at Burma’s Long- necked Women { Burma’s Long- Necked Women; Anatomy of a Burmese Beauty Secret}
X rays reveal the effects in anatomy of heavy brass neck coils worn since early childhood. By John M. Keshishian, M. D.
Found- -a Lost Virginia Settlement { First Look at a Lost Virginia Settlement}
Colonial Williamsburg archaeologist Ivor Noel Hume credits luck and an army of vicious deerflies with helping him uncover traces of a forgotten 17th- century town, plus evidence of a 1622 massacre. With photographs by Ira Block and paintings by Richard S
The Society Islands, Sisters of the Wind
The exotic beauty of the South Seas lives on in this French Polynesian archipelago, though economic and political problems cloud the future. Priit J. Vesilind and George F. Mobley report.
Those Marvelous, Myriad Diatoms
In unknowable trillions, gemlike bits of life star our planet’s seas, anchoring the food chain, producing life- sustaining oxygen, aiding man’s industry. Richard B. Hoover explores their realm with microscope and camera.
The Two Worlds of Michigan
From the assembly lines of Motor City to the hushed forests of the Upper Peninsula, the lake- girt state offers a marked contrast in lifestyles. By Noel Grove, with photographs by James L. Amos.

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